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Amyn Soldier and Bryan Hiner, founders of Tennis Fit, created this website to set the record straight on becoming a great tennis athlete.

We believe that in order to create great tennis athletes you need to also portray the image, and live the life of an athlete.

We do not accept the philosophy of “do as I say and not as I do.” The majority of current tennis “academies” and coaches have watered down their programs so much, they no longer function to develop top tennis players. They simply exist for recreational tennis and as a business to generate a profit. There is a conflict of interest when your employer is your student and in the end the employer has the final say. It is so much easier to be liked as a friendly entertaining tennis coach then to create and expect excellence from your students. Tennis Fit’s founding coaches live the life of elite Tennis Fit athletes and coach with one primary goal: Tennis Fit’s primary objective is to make you the best tennis athlete you can be!

Bryan collage
Bryan Hiner
Tennis Fit
Professional Bio

Bryan earned a four year full scholarship to the University of Evansville in 1982. He played four years of Division 1 college tennis, while earning a Bachelor of Science degree in legal administration in 1986.After completing his degree he spent the next six years after college traveling the world competing in small money tournaments in both the states and abroad, when time and budget permitted. During that 10 year period Bryan gained valuable insight into training, diet, tournament travel, competition, and injury prevention management. The one area that Bryan excelled beyond the all others was his superior fitness. He knew he wasn’t always the best player on the court, so he would have to win by attrition. His last man standing/one more ball in play grinder approach wasn’t always successful, but it did take him past better competition on many occasions. The one thing that was crystal clear was if the other player couldn’t breathe or run he wouldn’t pose much of a threat.

Bryan took all these playing experiences and became a teaching pro in 1987 to help supplement his tournament and training schedule. He began his professional teaching career as Head Pro at Royal Racquet Club in Clearwater in 1987, and continued to teach seasonally between Florida, the Midwest, and the east coast for the next 6 years. These clubs included.; Longboat Key Club in Sarasota, Fla.; The Racquet Club of El Conquistador in Bradenton, Fla.; Washington Township Schools Tennis Program in Indianapolis, Ind.; Youngstown Country Club in Youngstown, Ohio; Green Hollow Tennis Club in East Hampton, N.Y.

Since Bryan's primary interest was in high level competition it only made sense that he gravitated to coaching high level junior players. He began to devote his time and expertise to high level junior development, as well as, conditioning and fitness training programs for juniors and select adults. Bryan became certified by the USPTA in 1988 and currently holds USPTA P1 professional certificate. He continues to educate himself on a regular basis through ongoing USPTA seminars and courses around the country.

Once Bryan settled in Atlanta in 1993 he began looking to team with likeminded tennis coaches who wanted to develop top junior players. His first job in Atlanta was with Brian Devilliers at Riverside Tennis Club. Although Riverside was small, it was very active and Devilliers had spent many years at Van Der Meer Tennis Academy. Devilliers had acquired many connections with many top junior players and touring pros. It was during this time that Bryan began to train and assist with coaching duties for Lindsey Lee. Lindsey was a top junior player in the nation in the 16’s who had opted to go the pro route instead of continuing junior tennis. Over the next two year period Bryan became daily hitting partner and travel coach, when Devilliers was obligated with other duties. During this time period Lindsey rose from the junior ranks to #33 in the world without a single movement backward. Bryan coached Lindsey to her first top 10 win in Leipzig, Germany, with a win over Brenda Shultz McCarthy, who was #9 in the world in 1995.

Later that same year, Bryan stumbled upon Heath and Matt Waters who had formed a brand new tennis academy in Norcross, GA (Ace Tennis Academy). He immediately hit it off with the twin brothers and became one of the founding coaches for Ace, later to be, a top junior tennis academy in the Southeast. The primary facility was based out of Racquet Club of the South in Norcross, GA, but eventually expanded in tennis clubs all over the southern United States. He and four other primary tournament coaches were responsible for developing five of the top ten girls in the nation in the girls 14’s. Bryan stayed with Ace Academy from 1995-2000, during which time these additional amazing results were achieved:

  • Eight juniors achieved a year-end national ranking of number one in their respective age divisions.
  • Five juniors were selected by the USTA to represent the United States in international team competition (Team USA).
  • Twelve “Gold Balls” (USTA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS) were won by ACE Academy juniors in their respective age divisions.
  • 100% of graduating seniors have been awarded full tennis scholarships.

Bryan went on to become a private junior tournament coach for hire. He was responsible for helping a number of junior players to reach their specific goals during the next two years and traveled to various ITF junior tournaments around the world over the course of this time.

In August of 2001 Bryan hung up his teaching hoppers temporarily and entered the business world officially, by creating and funding, a concept full service high end salon and commercial photography studio - Haarmony Studios. This business was a combination full service hair salon and commercial photography studio. During the course of his travels around the world Bryan had become an avid photographer and later spent a year at the Art Institute of Atlanta to educate himself on the art and business of photography. He had met his future partner (Christina Carsillo) at a Fugi Hair salon in the mid 90’s and they began a hairdresser/photographer relationship and agreed to partner to form a business at some time in the near future. The vision became a reality in 2001 and still remains in business today after 10 years of service and thousands of happy clients!

Bryan had begun a love affair with Brazil in the late 90’s from numerous tennis trips to South America and a number of layovers in Rio de Janeiro. Over the next 6 years Bryan would have many photographic trips to Brazil and began his first business outside the United States. He negotiated for his first apartment and photo studio in the amazing city of Rio and the idea of living and working overseas was now in progress. During the course of one of his photo trips he discovered an enormous piece of land on the beach that he knew his developer friends back in Atlanta would have great interest in discovering. During the course of the next 7 years Bryan would form and operate Brazil Tourism Investment to help facilitate negotiations and purchases in Brazil. He currently travels to Brazil when clients show specific tourism or investment opportunities in Northeastern, Brazil.

Bryan was once again pulled back into the tennis world by fellow Ace coach and friend, Jeff Weaver, who invited him to train his high level juniors in a newly formed Ace Academy. Bryan decided to combine his love of Brazil, business knowledge there, and his tennis knowledge and create the first U.S. tennis academy, Ace Tennis Brazil, in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2009. Harrison Kennedy fully utilized his time in Brazil with Bryan (6 months) to catapult himself to the Number 1 position in the boys 18’s in Georgia in 2011 and a scholarship to LSU. Bryan currently travels back to Brazil on a demand basis for aspiring junior talent interested in taking their game to the highest possible level. His current goals include developing top juniors from around the world to compete on a national and international junior and pro level.

Bryan continues to challenge himself in all aspects of life, but tennis will always hold a special place in his life for all the positive things it has brought his direction. He is currently writing a book titled ”How To Do Business In Brazil” and created a new tennis company called Tennis Fit with, Amyn Soldier, which will address all necessary areas to be a top athlete and competitor in the tennis world.

Bryan’s personal interests and hobbies include martial arts, photography, creative writing, scuba diving, kite surfing, weight training, squash and beach tennis.

Bryan is also a certified beach tennis instructor and a certified master scuba diver.

Amyn collage
Amyn Soldier
Tennis Fit
Professional Bio

Amyn Soldier first picked up his second-hand, all metal, head oversize racket at the age of 9. He continued to play tennis through the juniors and worked his way to a full college scholarship at a division II school, Georgia SouthWestern. Amyn’s goal was to receive a degree in Architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). A choice had to be made between continuing two more years of college ball and changing his major to something less desired or transferring to Georgia Tech to aspire to be an Architect. After playing two full seasons at Georgia SouthWestern he transferred to Georgia Tech and began a tedious four-year degree for a Bachelors of Science in Architecture.

At this time, professional tennis was still a passionate craving but had to be on hold to fulfill the demands of an architecture student at GT. Amyn took up distance running from the summer of 2009 – October 2010 in which he ran in 15 events including 3 half-marathons. However, this type of sports training is not suited for a performance tennis player. The end of 2010 brought about an opportunity with a slight break from a hectic class schedule to begin a more vigorous training schedule once again and initiate a first attempt at the Pro Circuit at the start of 2011.

While in college, Amryn – Amyn’s sister – was up and coming through the juniors as well. She started at the 6-9 yr old clinic and eventually made her way to the advanced training group in which she established most of her junior training. At the age of 16 (2009) Amyn began training Amryn personally to help finish up her junior career and transpose her to collegiate tennis. Having been through the application, recruitment and scholarship process himself just 4 years ago, it was a logical choice. Amryn is now on a full-scholarship to division I UNC-Asheville.

At the age of 17 Amyn first began coaching at the academy he was also currently training at. It began with a 6-9 yr old clinic and eventually to the junior program that he himself was training in. This time period of coaching (junior year in high school – graduation) was tremendously vital to his earliest steps in understanding the game from a coaching perspective. Such exposure served as a kick starter which was reinforced every following summer by more high performance junior coaching. Amyn continued to coach at his previous junior academy and was introduced to a coach’s responsibility not only on the court, but as well off the court with the tournament travel team. The summer of 2009-10 and all of the calendar year of 2011, Amyn has since and currently still Assistant Teaching Pro at Dynamic Tennis Academy headed by Billy Garrett.

Working with Billy Garrett has been quite a knowledgeable experience in which Amyn has sharpened his skills to instruct, train and develop juniors as individual unique players. Dynamic Tennis has recently incorporated its E.P.T. (Elite Performance Training) program, headed by both Billy and Amyn, in which juniors, with the desire to play collegiate level tennis, undergo vigorous speed and strength training post academy training time. This training posed a good opportunity to incorporate much that was learned in college tennis training at Georgia SouthWestern.

Since graduation from Georgia Tech in May of 2011, Amyn has continued archictural design work in a self-fulfilling fashion. His mother, after 15+ years of Montessori teaching was presented with a very opportunistic situation to open up her own school. Amyn’s design skills proved resourceful in detailing the interior classroom layouts for AAIMS Montessori School ( He is also currently working on his architectural portfolio alongside a few other entrepreneurial projects which integrate his desires for eco-friendly architecture, and energy-efficiency.

The burning desire to play professional tennis, although put on hold for a few years at Georgia Tech, has never been more apparent. He is currently training himself and along with Bryan Hiner to further improve his game to compete at the professional level. After finally completing his degree, Amyn has a unique opportunity to do what he loves and freedom from strictly regimented job hours. One such opportunity has been to work in conjunction with Bryan Hiner, to create a tennis company, “Tennis Fit” designed to encompass all necessary elements to become a complete athlete for a competitive tennis environment. Working as a tennis coach at a junior academy, pursuing professional tennis, and drafting new ideas for innovative eco-design has become a very fulfilling lifestyle for him since graduating from college. One of Amyn’s primary goals is to help further develop the junior competitors he is involved with at Dynamic Tennis Academy, students he works with privately and many more in the future to become high-level junior, collegiate or professional caliber players.

Besides his love with tennis, Amyn has a strong aspiration to find ways to help the next generation with reducing its carbon footprint on the planet. He has since taken steps in creating his own garden which will be fertilized by concurrent vermicomposting systems. Amyn still enjoys distance running and would like to complete a full marathon in the near future. Hiking, strength training, road cycling and 3-D design/modeling are among other interests and hobbies.

USPTA P2 Professional Certificate (Dec. 2012)
Academia Sanchez-Casal and RPT Coach Course completion (Feb. 2012)
Volunteer Assistant Coach at Georgia Gwinnett College (Men’s Tennis team)

Christina collage
Christina Carsillo
Tennis Fit
Professional Bio

As a young girl growing up in Medellin Colombia Christina found herself in her grandmother’s kitchen helping to prepare the locally grown and organic meals of Colombia. Christina had no “just add water” to a processed box of chemicals to make a “family style dinner” or the cans of sodium and preservative enriched vegetables as an option. The last thing ever on the table was a can of soda or sweets for meals.

The only way Christina knew to eat was a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables which were locally grown. Also included in her diet was a variety of sprouted whole grains and lots of fresh caught fish, free range chicken, and grass fed beef which was always accompanied by fresh tropical fruit juices from the region. Every meal was homemade was always homemade!

In Christina’s early years she developed a passion for fitness and anything that involved moving her body. You can say she was an adrenaline junkie. She joined the swim team, started ballet classes and traditional Colombian dances. Later she trained in traditional Japanese karate with her uncle who was a second degree black belt. In addition to all these activities she still found time to assist her Aunt with her yoga school.

After finishing high school she moved to the United States and became a Master Cosmetologist. This career later lead to becoming a platform artist for various international color companies and traveling around the world educating other hairdressers the fine points of cut and coloring hair. While traveling Christina found herself collecting spices and recipes from every new country she visited. Her passion for the multicultural taste continued to grow and she began reinventing and creating new dishes in her spare time. Christina was always hungry for new physical activity always kept trying new challenges like cycling, body building, weight training, running, kickboxing, tai chi, rock climbing and finally tennis. Christina’s busy life and physical demands have made her focus on clean eating to get the most potential out of her body.

Christina is currently working on a book that will share tips on combining spices and the wholesome ingredients of the best power foods available for maximum health and performance of any athlete. Her goal with the Tennis Fit website is to provide the reader with healthy delicious options for the serious tennis athlete.

For a tennis and fitness evaluation or custom program please contact Bryan Hiner or Amyn Soldier to discuss scheduling and fees. Please check Tennis Fit on Facebook for daily updates and special offers.



See what other coaches, students, and parents are saying about Bryan Hiner, Amyn Soldier and Tennis Fit.


Bryan trains and conditions his students to their ultimate limit, so they never have fitness to use as an excuse for losing a match. Sometimes parents complained about all the fitness work during practice until they experienced the first 100 degree day and 3 hour match their son or daughter won as a direct result of Bryan’s training.

— Matt Waters
High Performance Tennis Coach and owner Ace Tennis Academy


Bryan trained me for 4 years of which 2 of those years was 4 hours a day 5 days a week. I have never worked that hard in my life and never had the results I had before or sense that time. If you want to be great and you have specific goals I highly recommend him as a coach and trainer. If you want to take the easy more traveled road I highly recommend you find another coach!!!

— Mike Fraser
Former Student


I wanted my son to have the greatest opportunity to accomplish all he could with tennis. I contracted Bryan to spend the last two years of my son’s junior career as his full-time coach. He not only made my son a better tennis player, but he also made him a better more focused student and athlete. My son recently graduated from law school with honors and he attributes the time he spent with Bryan as one of the primary reasons for his success in college and law school.

— Mike Fraser Sr.
Former Student's parent


Coaches Bryan and Amyn



I wanted to take my game to another level and I knew I had to do something more to make this happen. I spent 6 months in Brazil with Bryan. I never knew I could be that good or could work that hard without getting injured. Not only did my game improve beyond my imagination but he rehabbed me from an injury I incurred while at indoor winter tournament in Knoxville. After 2 trips to Brazil and 6 months focused time in Brazil I had the best results of my life and now have a scholarship to LSU in 2012!

— Harrison Kennedy
Former Student


Amyn Soldier is an exceptional and skillful tennis coach. I have been very pleased with his work preparing my daughter to play high school tennis. He has an innate ability to evaluate a player’s natural talent and to create a plan to incorporate that talent into his process for teaching tennis fundamentals. His all-around knowledge for athletics and tennis has helped my daughter advance not only her court skills, but also her conditioning and sports nutrition as well. I have been very pleased with his services and would highly recommend him.

— Angie Dunn
Current Student's parent


We have a 8 year old and coach Amyn started coaching our child when he was 6+ and has been training him for almost 15 months; We are so glad we got introduced to coach Amyn thru another parent who was very impressed with Amyn's coaching style. Coach Amyn's style fits pretty much all ages. He is very methodical, knows the game and shows interest to teach the game right. He works on fundamentals and believes that is the core foundation of learning the sport and his ALTA "AA" rating very well justifies that. He emphasizes on good fitness and encourages/ demands kids / adults to do the necessary warm up routines specifically geared towards tennis footwork. We are very impressed with him and would love to continue our child's tennis coaching with him for years to come.

— Raju Nagarajan
Current Student's parent

CJ Antonio played his first high school match of the season yesterday and had his first official match win since signing up with Bryan Hiner and Tennis Fit in January. Words cannot describe how pleased we were with the results! CJ had never had a win against any highly ranked national players in his junior career and this win came as a great surprise with only 6 weeks of intensive training with Bryan under his belt. CJ was playing the number 1 position for St. Francis defeated Sam Edwards of Mt Pisgah, who is according to 5 star college recruit, by a score of (7-6, 6-4). We were not expecting this kind of result so soon, but we will certainly take it!!!!!

— Zac Antonio
Current Tennis Fit student parent

Amyn Soldier started coaching my daughter when she was 8.5.  In just a few months, under his watchful eye and rigorous training, I watched her make tremendous progress and tap into an enormous potential I didn't know she had!  Amyn has an outstanding work ethic that he is able to channel into his players and help them tap into an energy and drive they don't even realize they have.  My daughter has truly blossomed under his care and is becoming a well rounded athlete.  She is able to sustain long practice sessions that include match-play, one on one coaching, drills and of course, extensive physical conditioning, as well as nutritional advice.  My daughter is only 9.5 now and has been competing in the 12 and under tournaments.  While she still has some ways to go, her tournament results have been very promising and I know it is just a matter of months before she becomes an opponent to be reckoned with as Amyn is making sure of that through patience, mentoring and good training.  I would recommend Amyn to any parent who wants to see their child make it to the next level of play.  I also recommend Amyn to any person who wants to train and find-out why tennis is such a great game.

— Nadia Fahim-Koster
Current Tennis Fit student parent.

For perspective, I was a competitive junior player and coach myself and my son Noah has been getting serious coaching for over 5 years now. We've seen it all and have a lot of history to compare against. From day one, Bryan has brought out the best in Noah. The moment Noah saw the videos on the Tennis Fit website he said he wanted to be pushed to that level. Bryan has known just when to push and when to pull back. He seems to intuitively know when to dig down and take a stroke back to square one and when to just let things develop naturally. He knows when to be serious and when to lighten up and have fun. He helps with setting fitness, nutrition, and tennis development goals and holds everyone accountable to them. Bryan is not for everyone. If he is going to be a part of your team then he expects you to bring the same effort level that he is going to bring to every lesson. I feel very confident in recommending Bryan and Tennis Fit, but only if you are ready to seriously commit to your game and yourself.

–Darrin Cohen
(Noah Cohen’s Father)


Coaches Bryan and Amyn



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