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Tennis Fit is based out of Roswell Georgia, which is a North Atlanta suburb. Bryan Hiner & Amyn Soldier have Tennis Fit locations in both Roswell, Georgia and Duluth Georgia. Although based in the Atlanta area Tennis Fit is really an international tennis and fitness program that has traveled the world training and educating players on the fine points of tennis and tennis related fitness and nutrition.

The Tennis Fit website was created for the serious tennis athlete. Here we provide the best and most current information available about becoming a high-performance athlete and a great all around tennis player!

We know from our own experience as elite athletes, players, and coaches that you will find the information we provide through this website exceptionally useful, practical, and we hope, inspirational. This site will assist you to become a more focused tennis player and keep you on the path to becoming a committed complete tennis athlete.

Bryan and Amyn - Tennis FitHere you will find both original information generated from our own experiences, and existing information that warrants repeating. You will benefit from comprehensive and accurate information on nutrition, weight training, speed training, flexibility work, cardio training, mental preparation and stroke production. See what past clients are saying about Tennis Fit coaches. In addition, we’ll introduce you to what is important and interesting about national and international travel and tournaments. We will show you how to organize your new knowledge in a way that enhances your particular game.

In Order to Play Great Tennis in the Modern Era
You Need To Train as a Serious Athlete

Today’s top tennis players are modern-day gladiators possessing the skills and athleticism that enable them to achieve and maintain their level of play under any circumstances in any conditions.

Tennis fitness is not only about being physically prepared to compete at your highest potential level, but also about every area that comprises tennis.

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Bryan hitting a topspin backhandIf there is one overriding factor we know from our years in the tennis world, commitment isn’t just the foundation of being a serious tennis player, it’s everything. Commitment permeates every facet of your tennis fit life, from what you eat, to how your train, to how you think.

In order to be master anything, you need approximately 10,000 hours of focused time. This breaks down to four hours a day, five days a week, for ten years.

As you work toward your goal of being tennis fit and evaluate the information provided on this website, we ask you to seriously consider your personal level of commitment.

You have 2 options:
1.  Increase your frequency and intensity
2.  Lower your expectations.

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