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Becoming an All-Court Tennis Player

Tennis Fit is committed to providing you with the skills you need to become the best all-court player you can be!

To be an all-court tennis player you must master all areas of the tennis court. You must become a master of all the specific shots that allow you to disable your opponent and prevent them from hitting their particular shots. If you lack any of the shots listed below, you have holes in your game. There is no doubt that these holes will be exploited by your opponent.

Here you will find images and instruction that will help you understand how each of these strokes is performed.

We will cover the following strokes in this section.

  • Serve
  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Return of Serve
  • Overhead
  • Volley
  • Drop shot
  • Lob

Please check on the completed strokes below to see photos and explanation of each.

One handed backhand slice, one handed backhand topspin, forehand, forehand volley, backhand volley, flat serve, kick serve.

One handed backhand slice
One handed backhand topspin
Flat Forehand
Forehand volley
Backhand volley
Slice forehand
Flat Serve
Kick Serve
Service return
One handed backhand return

More strokes coming next month.

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